Episode 13- Joe Wozny Stays Up In The Wee Small Hours

Hey! I got this episode! And it’s new! And it’s pretty great! Musician Joe Wozny takes us through a classic Frank Sinatra album, and helps us better understand mood, as well as his love of good old fashioned crooning! Shouts out to the Mockingbird Network, who not only host this podcast, but Joe’s new podcast Joe Reviews The Intersections On His Walk To Work, a podcast where Joe does that thing he said. Check it out too! And thanks for listening!


Episode 12 – Josh Higgins does Simple Math

Well, well, look what the cat dragged in. Me. Sorry, its been quite the rough patch, but I am back, with an episode I recorded before my extended hiatus. I do my best to explain everything but if you want to know just ask. My guest is Josh Higgins, and he’s the man. The album however, may or may not be what I’m looking for, as Manchester Orchestra’s third album Simple Math takes us through a variety of tracks that combine a baseline of pop punk architecture with different genres, to create a narrative of loss and love. Will it hold up?! FIND OUT or something. Thanks for listening, and you can expect some new episodes soon. And like soon soon, like in a week or so soon. See that? That’s a mostly hard deadline. And it’s out there now. In the ether. So that makes it real.

Let’s Compare Notes! 11- Cody Edgar and the Hamilton Mixtape

After another hiatus, I return, now with more tasty eps! Our guest this time is returning champion Cody Edgar, on break from enlightening the youth to talk about the Hamilton Mixtape! Though I was admittedly ambivalent towards the musical, you fans who’ve been dedicated to the show have asked for this episode in particular, and I’m nothing if not a people pleaser. Spoiler alert! I kind of liked this mixtape! Remember of course to check out Cody and Ned on their show Honey, I Shrunk The Binge, and the rest of the Mockingbird Network for all your local Houston podcasting needs!

Let’s Compare Notes! 10- ROUNDTABLE

I’m back with an especially great episode! Previous heavy hitters from early episodes come together to discuss the Dazzling Killmen album In The Face of Collapse! For a band that only has a handful of songs in their discography, they exist at a point in time in music history that can’t be ignored. And with Ned, Billy and John Wayne taking on the album in their own ways , I feel we cover a lot of interesting and compelling ground in our discussion. There will be more episodes like this in the future, but the main objective remains the same: to be exposed and turned on to music by an impassioned exaltation from a fan. So in the meantime, enjoy this extra long episode!


Ladies and gentlemen, a lot has happened. When I left you, the world was a different place. It has been too long of a hiatus, but I return to you with a new (ish) computer and a renewed sense of vigor! And a lil mini episode from 2016! Though I have access to my files, I am still without a microphone, which means new episodes are still on the way, however while I am still sorting out my recording equipment, in the meantime you can enjoy a small, off the cuff discussion of Interventions, by the Baltimore based quartet Horse Lords. Again, I have to thank Ned for the recommendation, this album is a passionate display of technical ability, and I highly encourage you to check it out when you can. And of course, THANK YOU! Without your patience and support, this show goes nowhere, and I appreciate it wholeheartedly. Keep an eye out, I won’t leave you waiting any longer!

Let’s Compare Notes! 09- Ned Gayle & More Than Any Other Day

Damn, I’m on fire with these releases! We sit down with artistic powerhouse Ned Gayle, the man who never sleeps, to discuss one of his favorite albums by one of his favorite bands, Ought with More Than Any Other Day, a post rock singalong groovy time. Loved this album, and especially loved talking tunes with Ned, and that’s all you really need to know for this one! Also, go check out the Heaven Hell or Houston podcast, they were nice enough to let me be their guest on an episode and talk about art, comedy, and this podcast! And make sure to check out The Mockingbird Network for more Houston podcasts, BECAUSE WE DOIN IT BIG OUT CHEA. Also, on a sadder note, I will be taking a small hiatus from releasing episodes, as I am currently dealing with some changes to the format and the equipment. But I will be back with more episodes my children, you just have to give me a minute to get my mind right girl.

Let’s Compare Notes! 08- Cody Dale Edgar & Hamilton

ANOTHER ONE! In this extra long episode, I sit down with good friend, great comedian, and all around swell dude Cody Dale Edgar, as we talk about his new favorite obsession Hamilton! Can’t say I liked this album much, but Cody did, and you can hear him gush over it, and maybe win me over in the process. (You definitely didn’t Cody, but you have an infectious personality.) MAJOR SPOILERS IN THIS EPISODE! Normally I wouldn’t say that, but since this musical focuses on a very specific narrative, I suppose some people don’t want certain moments ruined, so you’ve been warned! This episode, much like that past few episodes is brought to you by The Mockingbird Network, a Houston podcast aggregate that’s helping this podcast get some more local exposure. They’re cool! Otherwise keep your eyes here and your ears open for more episodes! Gonna try to double down on these releases, for you, dear listener.